A LOT to Learn

Genesis 13:1-18

Questions to help you dig deeper into the message

for your small group or family devotions:

What stood out and ministered to you MOST in this message?

It was stated that “God desires to reveal to us that His capacity to forgive is greater than even our capacity to sin“. Abram had messed up, but he returned to the place he’d been before, to the altar he’d built between Ai and Bethel. What is significant about this and how could 1 Peter 2:24-25 relate?

Read Genesis 13. What do you think was the main source of conflict between Abram and Lot? How would you have typically handled this kind of problem? Talk about the four qualities of how a God-follower can deal with conflict resolution and which are hardest for you:

  • Being Direct (deals with problems immediately),
  • Being Diplomatic (he uses tact and incredible skill),
  • Be Discerning (he sees that there is more that unites us, than divides us – he sees the BIG picture)
  • Show Dignity (he’s humble, generous, and his trust is in God… not himself).


Read Matthew 23:11-12. How did Abram exemplify Jesus’ words? Is there a difference between being humble and generous and being a ‘doormat’?

Lot ‘looked towards Sodom’, ‘pitched his tent towards Sodom’, and later in chapter 19 became a ‘leader in Sodom’. What’s the ‘Sodom’ in your life? What do you do to keep from getting sucked into sin? How close do you let yourself get?