Do you see What I See: Joy to the World!

Luke 2:8-14

Considering the night that Jesus Christ was born from the perspective of the Angels.


Questions to help you dig deeper.

1. Read Luke 2:8-14. What stood out to you most from this message?

2. Read Genesis 3:14 -15. What does God’s declaration that the “seed of the woman” will kill the serpent, express about God’s commitment to his people within his creation? What does God’s commitment impact how we view ourselves and relate to others?

3. Read Isaiah 9:1-7. What does it mean that the “zeal of the Lord” will bring peace to the nations of the earth? What is our role as God’s people, while we wait for Christ’s return?

4. Read Isaiah 11:1-9. What does it mean to judge the poor righteously and to execute justice for the oppressed of the land? What does this passage teach us about God’s attitude toward the poor and the oppressed? How did Jesus honor God’s heart for the poor and oppressed in his life on earth? How does God’s attitude and actions toward the poor and oppressed relate to your attitude toward them?

5. How do we love people in spite of their disregard for God?