Easter 2023 – It is finished!

Luke 23:32-43

Pastor Conor reminds us that when when we feel guilty before God we need only remember that Jesus paid the penalty for our sin in full.

Digging Deeper

  1. What does Easter mean to you and your family? Any fun traditions?
  2. Why do you think the idea of getting what you deserve is so popular?
  3. What are the pros and cons of a “you get what you deserve” mindset?
  4. What areas of life can often make us feel guilty? What is it about those areas that can cause us to feel that way?
  5. Read Luke 23:32-43. What are the main differences between the two criminals who were crucified with Jesus. Why was one forgiven and the other not?
  6. Read Ephesians 2:1-9. What impacts you most about this passage?
  7. Read Psalm 103:10-12. Why does God not give us what we deserve?
  8. Describe a time when someone could have given you what you deserved, but they gave you grace instead.
  9. In what ways can God’s mercy and grace transform us?