Enduring Hardship with Humility

ames 4:1-12

Pastor Isam reminds us of the joy that we experience when we humble ourselves in relationship with God and each other.

Digging Deeper

1. What stood out to you most in this message?

2. Read James 4:1-6. In your own words, what are the traits of pride in this passage? How do you see them in your own life?

3. In his message, Pastor Isam talked about meekness with the implication of low status as being a key part of the understanding of humility. Meekness can be defined as strength under control. If someone is strong, how can they be a person of low status?

4. Resistance in this passage is a word that represents a military type of opposition. Why is God so forcefully opposed to people who look down on others? How does God resist the proud?

5. Grace is a gift that brings fulfillment and blessing or happiness to someone. Why does God give grace to the humble?

6. How can we put ourselves in the lowly position of  servants and slaves who are dependent on others for life’s necessities when God has blessed us with more than enough resources and opportunities to take care of ourselves?