Enduring Hardship with Prayer

James 5:13-16

In this message Pastor Isam reminds us of the need to pray with each other and for each other as we go through difficult times.

Digging Deeper

1. What stood out to you most in this message?

2. Read James 5:13-16.

3. Pastor Isam expressed that faithful prayers find comfort in God’s presence and the affirmation of God’s love. Faithless prayers are only satisfied when God gives us what we want. What is the value of expressing our joy and gratitude to God as well as our pain, to growing in our trust in faithfulness?

4. How do we know someone is a righteous person?

5. What is the connection between forgiveness of sins and healing? If we confess our sins to God why do we need to confess our sins to each other?

6. James assumes relationship between the recipients of his letter already treat each other like close family members. What is the value of having a deep relationship with the people we ask to pray for us and the people that we confess our sins to?

7. In the midst of our busy lives, how can we develop deeper relationships with God and each other as children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ?