Faithful or Phony in the Famine?

Genesis 12:10-20

Questions to help you dig deeper in this message

(for your small group or family devotions):

Read the text: Genesis 12:10-20.

What white lie do you recall telling? Complete this sentence: “When the going gets tough, I ____________.”

What do you think of the idea that God has placed a ‘call’ on your life? Is that scary? Read 2 Peter 1:10-11. What is really being said in these verses?

Sarai was Abram’s half-sister (Genesis 20:12). Does that justify Abram’s half-truth? Or does the end (Abram’s safety) justify the means (a lie, and possibly placing his wife in danger of harm)? Have you ever used the “ends justify the means” approach?

It was mentioned that in times of ‘famine’ our tendency is to ‘go to Egypt’ and that was a picture of ‘fleshing out’. What does that mean? Have you found that to be true? What does a time of ‘famine’ look like for us Christians today? How can we combat those times? What Scriptures come to your mind to help you from ‘fleshing out’?

Abram, the ‘father of the faith’ was struggling with fear in this passage. Sometimes in our areas of greatest strength we can stumble and fall the easiest. Why is this often the case? Has it ever been the case for you? How does Proverbs 3:5-6 speak to this?