Heartbeat: “Needs Based Ministry”

Matthew 25:34-40

Questions to help you dig deeper into this message:

What is something the Lord spoke to you about personally in this message?

In what ways do you personally and practically identify with “the least of these”, that Jesus talks about in Matthew 25:34-40? How does that relate to how Jesus identifies with them?

Read Romans 12:9-13. How does this passage help us integrate our devotion to God and our love for other people? Especially for strangers.

In Genesis 1:28-30 God declares his purpose for all humans and his provision for all living creatures. What does this tell you about the significance of knowing the purpose for your existence as you go about your everyday life?

How do you cultivate rich relationships with other followers of Jesus Christ who help you serve people in your local congregation and your community at large?

How can you make more room in your life for the possibility of being “interrupted” by opportunities to spend time on people outside of your immediate family and your circle of friends?