His Words Our Response

John 15

TJ Dickerson, Young Life Director for Western Colorado, discusses living a life that honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the face of opposition, and hardship.

Digging Deeper

What stood out to you the most in this message?

Read John 13:1. What does “loving to the very end” look like in your life?

TJ cited Matthew 5:9,10. He then quoted NT Wright, “Although we are not of the world, we should always be for the world and it’s people.” What challenges do you face when you try to love and pray for people who strongly disagree with you or treat you dismissively (Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27)?

Read John 8:12. TJ said that, “Jesus exposes sin not for us feel miserable and guilty but to point out the areas in our life that need adjusting and removing.” How do you experience and encourage this illuminating and transforming work of Christ in your own life?

Read John 16:33. How do we reconcile Jesus’ victory over the world and our experience of hardship within the world?