HOPE is Never That Far Away

Hebrews 1:1-3

Questions to help you dig deeper into this message:

What ministered to you most from this message?

Pastor Michael contrasted the High Priests of old, who were always busy offering sacrifices, with our High Priest, Jesus, who is currently at rest sitting down (Hebrews 1:1-3). Why is Jesus at rest? What do some of His final words on the Cross have to do with this, and what do those words practically mean for you and I today?

Read Luke 17:21. The Greek word for “among” is ‘ento‘, which refers to ‘location‘. Why is this important when considering the proximity of God when we are praying? How do Hebrews 7:25 and Luke 22:31-32 relate to this?

Read Hebrews 12:1-22 Kings 6:13-17 and Luke 9:28-32.  Talk about the different ‘dimension’ that could exist, where the Kingdom and angels and even saints may currently be. Is this a strange thought? If we truly are surrounded by a ‘spiritual realm’ at all times, so what? Why should we care? What does this mean for you and I practically?

Read 1 Corinthians 13:12 and discuss why God would desire us to only see in one dimension. Why not allow His followers to constantly and consistently see into the spirit realm? How could Philippians 1:6 relate to this?

If there is time: What should be a Christians response to tragedies? What Scriptures can guide us in these times?