Preparing A Place for the Lord

Genesis 18:1-8

Questions to help you dig deeper into this message:

Read the text: Genesis 18:1-8. What stood out to you most in this message?

We see Abraham running to meet the Lord. How do you and I greet the Lord when the alarm clock goes off in the mornings? Or how do we approach the Lord for our time of devotion and prayer, for meditation and worship? How often do we lethargically ‘mozy on over’ to the Lord?

Pastor Michael shared a story of a precious man who deals with his own weight and how hard it is for him to find a place to sit and fellowship with friends. He likened this to God and His glory [hebrew = kabod: “weightiness” or “weighty splendor“] finding it hard to find a place to rest and fellowship. How does Psalm 22:3 relate?

How would you explain to someone that God is “holy”? Why can’t God be in the presence of sin? Why is this even an issue for Him? (Isaiah 59:2).

What did Pastor Michael mean when he said, “Like Abraham, we too should be standing under the shadow of the tree with the Lord”? Read Luke 9:23.