Shame OFF You

Luke 22:39-46


Pastor Michael shared a story about a SNL comedian who was suicidal after a poor choice of humor he used, and how the person he was mocking actually reached out to show love and forgiveness to him. How is this a perfect illustration of what it means to be a Christ-follower?

Read Luke 22:39-40. Jesus went to pray “as usual”. What is your usual ‘go-to’ when you are stressed or facing a tough time?

How can prayer keep you from temptation?

Read Luke 22:41-44. Jesus was in incredible ‘anguish’, as evidenced by the sweating of blood. He even wondered if there might possibly be another way to redeem men and have their sins forgiven… yet, He went through with it all anyway! He was determined to live His life according to His Father’s will and not His own. What does this mean to you personally?

We all know Jesus loves us… but what do you think of the idea that God LIKES you too? Is there a difference? What is it?

How does the devil use ‘SHAME’ to steal, kill, and destroy? What could the Lord accomplish through your life if you truly lived without shame?

Read Hebrews 12:2. Talk about each aspect of this verse and what it means. Pastor Michael said that the word ‘despising’ is the Greek word, “kataphroneō”, which means, to “think little or nothing of”. Why didn’t the enemies attempts to humiliate Jesus work on Him?