Taste & Tell

John 1:43-51

Questions to help you dig deeper into the message for your family devotions or small group:

What is one food you love so much you can’t help but tell other people about it?

Read Psalm 34:8 In what ways have you found this verse to be true in your life? When did you first get a Taste of Jesus? Did you tell others about the experience? Why or why not?

Have you ever gone against your better judgement because of a friend? Nathanael doubted, but still followed his friend to see for himself. And what he found was completely life changing! Have you ever had that friend or been that friend? (John 1:43-51)

When did you make the decision to follow Jesus?

What does it mean when we say Jesus is our hope?

Have you ever shared your faith with someone? How did you do it, and what was their response?

What do you think of the phrase, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care?

  1. Read Matthew 5:14-16. What do you think these verses mean and how can we apply them to our lives?