The Talent Show Judge

Genesis 18:16-33

Questions to help you dig deeper into the message:

OPENER: What’s your favorite TV show that includes contestants and judges? Why?

Read the text, Genesis 18:16-33. What stood out, or ministered, to you most in this message?

In Genesis 18:17-19, why did the Lord decide to reveal something to Abraham? Why does the Lord choose to reveal certain things to certain people and seemingly not others?

In Genesis 18:21 the Lord says He’s going to “go down“. What will be one of the reasons the Lord will “come down” a second time? Luke 17:29-30. How does Isaiah 5:20 come into play?

Have you ever heard that little voice in your head saying that you should be doing “more”? Read Hosea 6:6 and Psalm 51:16-17 (if you can read it in a few different translations, especially The Message).

What is the difference between PERFORMING for God and PLEASING God?