Time to Bloom – Labor Day 2022

Song of Solomon 2:1-2

This video is the message preached on Labor Day 2022 when The Alpine Chapel met outdoors at the top of the mountain for outdoor service. Due to the fact that we could not record the message live at that venue, the message was pre-recorded by Pastor Michael. It is, however, the same message that was preached live. We pray it ministers to you. If you would like prayer, please contact the church and we’d be honored to pray with you.


What ministered and stood out to you most from this message?

It was stated that “work” in and of itself is not the curse. Why is this true? What, then, is the curse associated with labor? Read Genesis 2:15 and Genesis 3:17-19 for help with this one.

What was Jesus’ definition of ‘thorns’ according to Matthew 13:3-7, 22? Two definitions are given, talk about each one of them and how they choke out the fruit we read about in Galatians 5:22-23.

Read Matthew 27:27-29. What does it mean, practically for us today, that Jesus absorbed the curse’?

In Song of Solomon 2:1-2, the King (Bridegroom) is speaking to the bride (us) and declaring who we are and Who He is. Talk about this and how they relate to ‘blooming where we are planted.

BONOUS QUESTION IF YOU HAVE TIME: Pastor Michael mentioned that in Matthew 28:19, that we are to “Go into all the world and make disciples…”, but also that the Greek word for ‘go’ in that verse is ‘poreuthentes’, which literally means, ‘as you go/journey/travel’. What would this look like for you personally?