About Us

Our VISION is to reveal the authentic Jesus and His unconditional love and grace.

Who We Are

Whether it’s your first time here, or you’ve been coming for a while and simply want to know more about us, you’ve come to the right place. Our heart is to: “Seek Jesus, Point to Jesus, and Walk with Jesus.” We enjoy a casual, relaxed environment; come dressed as you are… seriously! If you are dressed to ski and come clomping in wearing your ski boots you’ll be right at home! We are a community of people who love God, each other,… and you! We offer excellent ministries for infants and toddlers as well as an exciting Children’s Ministry for older children. – We believe that worship is important for all ages, therefore, older children will join us for worship, and then be dismissed to their class. Only our 9am service has children’s ministry available.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at info@thealpinechapel.com or call us at 970.728.3504. We want to be here for you!

When are your services?

Sundays at 9 am. Our service is approximately 60-70 minutes in length and available on our Facebook page at 9 am each Sunday. The message will appear on this website later on Sunday afternoon. Other Bible Studies and special events throughout the week are also available. Please take a look at our EVENTS page for more details.

How can I learn more about following Jesus?

If you would like to know HOW you can BEGIN a relationship with God, or even what you are supposed to do NEXT once you’ve accepted Christ… please click HERE.

What does your church believe?

Please visit our BELIEFS page for specifics, but simply put, we are centered around Jesus Christ and God’s revelation to us, the Bible. Through the teaching of His Word we learn about His character, plan, and love for us. As we grow in our understanding of Him, we experience His Spirit leading us to step out in ministry to one another and the world.

What does it mean that The Alpine Chapel is an interdenominational church?

It simply means that we are not associated, affiliated, or connected with any denomination, man-made organization or institution. Our only allegiance is to the Lord and His Word. We can fellowship with brothers and sisters of Christ anywhere at any time without answering to a national headquarters somewhere. We are a body of believers striving to live out the Biblical command to love God, each other and our neighbors well. Although our church began many years ago associated with the Southern Baptists, and we will always have a deep love and appreciation for that particular denomination, we call ourselves ‘interdenominational’, because we are so unlike many Southern Baptist churches and have so many other denominational backgrounds represented by those that attend T.A.C. Our associate pastors are ordained or in the process of being ordained with the Calvary Chapel Association (more info about Calvary Chapel found HERE).

Where are you located?

The Alpine Chapel is the cute, little church located half a block off the main drag in Telluride, Colorado. We’re also a block away from the famous Telluride Gondola. The address is: 122 S. Aspen Street.

What Can I Expect?

At The Alpine Chapel our main weekend services are approximately 60 minutes long. We always put an emphasis on worship in our services. We worship God corporately through singing praise to Him and taking time to study His Word. We believe that God made us to worship and He created music so that it reaches into the heart and soul of people unlike anything else. Worship is our opportunity to reflect God’s love back at Him, while allowing our hearts to be shaped the way that He wants them to be. The singing portion of our services is always an intimate time, led by our passionate worship team. Our church is made up of people who have come from a variety of denominations, worship styles, and church backgrounds. We invite people to freely express their worship in a “decent and orderly” way during our services (1 Corinthians 14:40). After the singing we dismiss our children to go downstairs and be a part of our dynamic Children’s Church, where the Bible is taught in a fun and powerful way, but is on the level of children. During the teaching portion of the service, our pastor teaches through the Bible with it’s original context and meaning as the starting point. Most times we’ll teach through a Book of the Bible verse-by-verse. Occasionally, we’ll center on a theme and dig deeper into a topic. Our goal is to breathe life into the people, places, and stories of Scripture and to always provide practical application of God’s Word to our lives today. Our deep desire is that Jesus, the Living Word, would touch your life during our service.

I’m LGBTQ. Can I attend?

Absolutely yes! While we hold to a traditional view of human sexuality that we believe the Bible teaches, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to point all people to a relationship with Jesus Christ and to love and respect all, regardless of someone’s beliefs or lifestyle. Most people who walk through our doors would probably tell you they feel welcome, we believe you would too.

Does The Alpine Chapel share communion?

Yes! We love communion times! They occur at least once a month during the weekend services. We believe that communion should be open and available to any and all that have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, regardless of church membership.

What translation of the Bible do you use?

There are many English translations of God’s Word that we think are great. Truthfully, a person should use any translation that they will actually read! If the King James Version is your thing, great! If you are an NIV person, wonderful! However, in our main services our pastors teach from the Christian Standard Bible, which is a highly readable, highly reliable translation that arrived in 2017. The CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others. Please watch the two minute video below to learn more about this translation.

Is Your Building Handicap Accessible?

Yes, we have an elevator that can take a person from the Sanctuary to the restrooms and the children’s facilities. For help accessing our elevator, please ask any of the pastors.

Our Story

Here is a brief history of our church: Alpine Chapel ministers to the community of Telluride Colorado to locals, second homeowners, and visitors. We are located at 122 South Aspen Street. We have been in our current location since completion of our building in 2010. Alpine Chapel began as a mission church from Rosemont Baptist Church in Montrose, Colorado during the mid 70s. Alpine Chapel was originally named The Telluride Baptist Church. The Church began worshipping at the Porterfield Stone building in town. The small congregation met in the upstairs of the Porterfield building, which they called “The Upper Room.” The Telluride Baptist Church changed locations several times during the first 20 years. We met at the school lunch room, music room, private homes, the Christian Fellowship building, and the Nugget Movie Theater. And from the Nugget Movie Theater we moved into our current space. In 1997, Telluride Baptist Church became independent, self-supporting from Rosemont Baptist Church and was officially named The Alpine Chapel of Telluride. We continue to have affiliation with Rosemont Baptist Church as friends.

Our congregation grew and the desire and possibilities to have a home building to worship was pursued. Money was raised and then land was purchased in Mountain Village. Plans and models were made, going before the architectural design review committee. It was determined that Mountain Village did not want or need a church. No church building would be allowed to be built on the lot owned by Alpine Chapel. The Chapel land was sold and the money was put into savings. George Greenbanks architectural building and land in town was up for sale. With God’s help, we raised funds again. All members gave as best they could. The Second Home Fellowship financially challenged each other to meet the remaining balance and the challenge was met. The land was purchased in 2008 and our plans were approved by the town. We broke ground in 2009 and the church was complete in 2010. We are so thankful that God blessed us with this building to gather. The church building is currently being utilized for Sunday Worship, Children’s programs, a Free Coffee House, and other church ministry and community events. We continue to thrive within our own church building. The staff of T.A.C. has grown and we believe the future looks very exciting, as we seek to continue to make the name of Jesus famous in this town and area.

Get Connected

There are several avenues to getting involved, and in turn, build relationships with other people at The Alpine Chapel. Please explore this website to discover opportunities to become a part of all that God is doing here. Special classes, Bible studies, and regular community outreach events are just a few of the ways. And do not hesitate to approach any of the assistant pastors or greeters at our worship services and they will help you get involved.