T.A.C. Youth

Our Mission

Introducing Telluride Kids to Jesus and Helping Them Grow in Their Faith.

How We Achieve Our Mission:

Youth Group, Club,Campaigners, and Camps.


Every Sunday at 10:30 AM

All Middle and High School Students! Join us at The Well from 11 AM to 12 PM every Sunday to be a part of our awesome Youth Group. Enjoy pizza, make friends, have genuine conversations, and delve into the Bible together. Currently, we’re exploring themes that run through the whole Bible. Don’t forget your P.B.J. (Pen, Bible, and Journal). Let’s make Sundays the highlight of the week! 🍕🎉

YoungLife Club (High School)

Every Monday at 6 PM

Every Monday, join us at The Well Coffee House from 6 PM to 7 PM for Younglife Club. Experience games, prizes, snacks, drinks, friends, and a 10-minute Club Talk about the love of Jesus. Don’t come alone – bring your friends and receive extra raffle tickets for each new friend you bring! 🎊🎈

WyldLife Club (Middle School)

Every Tuesday at 3:13 PM

Calling all 6th to 8th graders! Join us at The Well Coffee House from 3:13 PM to 4:14 PM for Wyldlife Club. This hour-long party features games, prizes, snacks, drinks, friends, and an inspiring 10-minute Club Talk about the love of Jesus. And guess what? The Well opens early at 2:00 PM every Tuesday, just for you! 🕺💃

Girls Campaigners

Every Tuesday at 7 AM

Ladies, set your alarms! Join us every Tuesday at 7:15 AM in The Well for Breakfast Cereal, Coffee, and uplifting Bible Study sessions. Starting September 5th, empower each other and grow together! 🌸📖

Boys Campaigners

Every Wednesday at 7 AM

Calling all high school lads! Rise and shine every Wednesday at 7:15 AM for Breakfast Cereal, Coffee, and inspiring Bible Study sessions at The Well. Starting September 6th, it’s the perfect way to start your week strong! 🌅📚

Summer / Winter Camps

Each summer, WyldLife and YoungLife embark on an unforgettable journey to Younglife camp – The Best Week of Their Life! Join us for over-the-top activities, fantastic speakers, cozy cabins, and generous volunteers who ensure every student experiences the love of Jesus. We highly encourage kids to attend camp, forge lasting friendships, and be surrounded by people who love them for who they are.

In the fall and winter, we bring the same fun and fellowship into a weekend getaway, often referred to as “Polar Bear.” Our winter camps offer kids a chance to escape school pressures, enjoy fun, growth, and relaxation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Conor Craft

Next Generation Pastor