Young Life

Young Life Telluride, Colorado
Young Life Telluride, Colorado

Young Life is an evangelical Christian organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado which focuses on young people in middle school (ages 11-14), high school, and college. As Young Life describes themselves, “Our Mission​ is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.”

The organization was started in Gainesville, Texas in 1941 by Presbyterian minister Jim Rayburn. Young Life operates globally using several different organizations with different focuses. As of 2019, Young Life had chapters in 8,513 schools, with average weekly attendance at 369,600 across the organization. Young Life also has 67,000 volunteers as of 2019.

Pastor Conor Craft, the Next Generation Pastor at The Alpine Chapel, along with his wife Diana, lead Young Life in the Telluride area, and anyone and everyone in High School is invited!

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Conor Craft

Next Generation Pastor

You Were Made For This!

This is our smaller ‘CAMPAIGNERS‘ that meet every Sunday morning at 11am for a more in-depth time of Bible study and fellowship for those who want to go DEEP. Just stop by the Well Coffee House (in the basement of the Alpine Chapel) at 11am this Sunday! The Well is about a 10 minute walk from school. A pizza lunch will be provided around 11:30am.
(The little guy was just hanging out at the restaurant with us)